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Blowing the Whistle on "Irregular Behavior" at OPCW, And How the OPCW's "Fact-Finding" Might Enable Chemical Genocide
December 8, 2019 
Despite the lack of updates here, the members of CIWCL(SUB) remain hard at work. However the biggest news of the last months relates to chemical weapons allegations in Syria, and reflects more on the work, courage, and integrity of others. The CIWCL(SUB) and its findings just play in a bit and compare well. Read about it here.
September, 2018: The B in CIWCL(SUB) stands for beyond - no more letters. But it could stand for Burma (Myanmar), which is one of the few included in Beyond... A year after the 2017 crisis, we finally collected our works on this here.  
May 25, 2016: five years after the killing of Hamza Al-Khatib in Syria, a new report questions old presumptions
Adding to this on December 6, 2019: revised report changes the cover, adds 2 images, otherwise stands by the report issued over three years ago.
This 25 page report compares activist claims and verbal evidence to the physical/visual evidence, and finds the widely-accepted story of the boy's killing is unsupported. They say he and several others were arrested from a peaceful protest and then killed under torture by Syrian security forces. But the more reliable evidence suggests that the "protest" of April 29 was more of an attack on the military housing compound, there was no mass arrest as described, and Hamza and the others were massacred during the "protest" - by terrorist provocateurs - before their alleged detention.

Read/download the report here.
Older News

July 19, 2014: CIWCL's Second Report on the 'Houla Massacre' is Released - see here.

May 24, 2014: A new article on last year's alleged Sarin attack near Damascus - The Ghouta Massacre's Sarin Myth, Brightly Lit: Exploring Kafr Batna’s … Rebel Gas Chambers? This introduces Denis O'Brien's study Murder in the SunMorgue (project page) about the victims in the Kafr Batna district. About 100 here were apparently killed with Carbon Monoxide or Hydrogen Cyanide gas, not Sarin. One victim who survived the gas had his throat cut right there in the rebel-run morgue. 

Belated updates: The planned press conference in Moscow fell through, but there was an interesting tri-lingual radio interview with Voice of Russia (see Facebook post here). The Aqrab Massacre agitation campaign fizzled out after getting a sort-of endorsement from Channel 4's Alex Thomson. 

About Us

The Citizen's Investigation into War Crimes in Libya (CIWCL) is an informal collective of researchers who first came together in 2011 to critically examine crimes and alleged crimes of the civil war and intervention in Libya. Since mid-2012 the CIWCL has switched focus, with no name change, to the events in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, so far. 

With thorough work and often brilliant results, the CIWCL has in two wars now quietly challenged the accepted views promoted by the corporate-owned mainstream media, human rights groups, world governments and bodies of the United Nations, Arab League etc. To the extent the truth matters enough to search after, the CIWCL's work is important, and should be considered. 

See also "About Us" for a bit more, and "Supporters" for a listing of members and signatories
In case the truth matters, the CIWCL is there.
(Select) updates from CIWCL co-founder and site manager Adam Larson

At left is a dead 6-year-old girl who may well be one victims of the still unproven and mysterious Aqrab massacre. Her skull appears to have been hacked open by a bladed weapon. See the details behind this and other peripheral fatalities around the Dec. 2012 rebel occupation and massacre(s) of Alawite Aqrab, entirely blamed on a wild assortment of "shelling" by the government.  
June 17, 2013: Targeting Specific Communities in Syria

Yes, Sunni Muslims, among others, are being targeted in Syria's massacres. The question not being asked clearly enough is just which Sunnis.
May 15, 2013: New Report on the Houla Massacre in Syria

The CIWCL is excited to announce the release of its third major report:

Official Truth, Real Truth, and Impunity for the Syrian Houla Massacre of May 2012

Seven Essays By: Marinella Correggia, Alfredo Embid, Ronda Hauben, Adam Larson

It can be viewed and downloaded on this page. See also the promotional/summary article at Global Research

September 25, 2012: Letter to the OHCHR

I've just sent a long letter, about Syrian massacres study, to the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights/UNHRC. It's quite impressive and can be read here: A plea for Reality

Also, I've expanded the letters page, aside from the mammoth new addition, with some older dispatches from March and July I dug up.  
August 21/22, 2012: Second Report Released
The CIWCL's second report A Violation of Medical Neutrality: The Neglected Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital (55 pages) is released! See the press release or download here

Learn how as many as 164 people (including a few women and children) were killed in or dumped at Abu Salim Trauma hospital, left emptied of staff, ransacked, and blood-spattered as anti-government forces enjoyed their victoryin Tripoli last August. Follow the evidence for dozens of patients, mostly Black "African mercenary" types and otherwise government loyalists, being shot or even beheaded right in their beds and left to rot. Witness a few alleged doctors, nurses, and patients carefully absolve the marauding rebels of any wrongdoing, and blame the scene on fatal neglect, and/or "Gaddafi snipers." Watch the world's champions of human rights and "medical neutrality" remain totally silent on this fairly obvious rebel war crime.  
June 20, 2012: New signatories
Traffic is still very slow, but the CIWCL has taken on two new signatories. One of these is Dr. Maximilian C. Forte, author of the widely-read Counterpunch article The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya and the book Slouching Towards Sirte. See About Us.
June 13/16, 2012: First Major Report and CIWCL Site Publicized: "Holocaust" Denied
Please see our first major report, A Question Mark Over Yarmouk, regarding the most famous and among the largest alleged "Gaddafi regime" atrocities of the whole war. Read the compelling press release here, or the report itself here