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The Citizen's Investigation into War Crimes in Libya (CIWCL) is a small, informal collective of ordinary but talented people, hailing from several nations.We research, for the most part, crimes and allegations attending Western-led regime change operations. Specifically, we specialize in those contested events taken as justifying the campaign, but perhaps caused by it.

The core network of researchers came together in mid-2011, during the disastrous war to topple Libya's government. on "humanitarian" grounds that were horribly slanted. The CIWCL formally came into existence only in February, 2012, meaning to complete a fuller survey of the Libyan conflict and its aftermath. Instead, aside from the work done at the time and two major reports on massacres in the fall of Tripoli, events drew our attention east. Almost from the start, then, the CIWCL has focused even more energy shedding light in Syria, on those murky massacres and the like where "both sides blame each other."

Since then, we've produced two more reports, both focused on the once-pivotal 2012 "Houla Massacre" in Syria, essentially proving it was the result of a hushed-up rebel military victory of the same day. Much other important work on Syria was followed by an expansion in 2014 to study events in Ukraine, and a bit on Iraq and elsewhere. It was decided to keep the same name.

Are We Un-Biased?

No, and don't trust anyone who tells you they are. There is a bias inherent in our approach that starts from meeting the narratives promoted in the Western (corporate-owned) media; this is almost totally based on claims of anti-government "activists", who often are proven to be or covering for the true criminals (unless, as in Ukraine, the rebels are deemed the bad guys, then it's government claims the West tries to accept).

This formula, used also by the Western (corporate-owned) governments, certainly helps promote previously decided geopolitical ambitions like crippling and boxing in Russia and Iran. But it may not work so well at giving us the truth, or at delivering justice to the people of the nations where this plays out.

With that useful bias already fed into hundreds of millions of minds, it is with no apology that the CIWCL takes the roughly opposite default position, to help slightly in bringing balance and fairness to the broader discourse. Intense scrutiny is applied here to rebel/client state claims, and the opposing claims are given a rare benefit of the doubt. From there, we consider how the evidence compares to the different narratives, using publicly available sources from any and all sides, gathered and compared with an emphasis on primary evidence. Physical evidence (via photographs and video, rightly read) is taken as that, and claims from alleged witnesses are taken as ... claims. Those should be double-checked against other claims and against the physical evidence, and that's what we do.

This approach in large part explains the CIWCL's findings consistently being radically different from, fuller, and more logical than those reached previously by Human Rights organizations, world governments, and the mass media and its carefully cultivated "experts."

- CIWCL co-founder Adam Larson,

December 3, 2014

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