CIWCL: Supporters

The following (so far) agree to put their names at least behind the CIWCL's general idea and efforts, but may not agree with every finding or statement, nor necessarily with each others' views. "Active members" here means contributors to CIWCL research. Other contribute but choose not to sign here.  

{alphabetical - some are screen names - some cannot be rendered properly with this website builder)

- Mario Bergen, Media Workgroup Syria. Leuven, Belgium
- Ms. Johanna Brown, MSW. Spokane, Washington, USA
- Marinella Correggia, ecopeace activist and journalist/author. Torri in Sabina (Ri) Italy
- Stewart Dredge. Edinburgh, Scotland
- Dr. Maximilian C. Forte. Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University,Montreal.
- Jana Glass. Hameln, Germany
- Martin Iqbal, Administrator, Empire Strikes
- Issa Alawi Issa. Belmont, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4153
- Kat Kan. Sydney, Australia (active member)
- Petri Krohn, CIWCL co-founder, Chairman, Finland without Nazism. Helsinki, Finland (active member)
- Mr. Adam J. Larson, CIWCL co-founder and chief executive person. Spokane, Washington, USA (active member)
- J. Larson. USA
- Gloria Martins, Lisboa, Portugal (Saif al Islam Curator on and Twitter)
- Eddie McDaid. United Kingdom (active member)
- Denis O'Brien, Top (and only ) dawg -- Langley, B.C., Canada (active member)
- Peter Schoenfeld, Cologne, Germany (active member)
- Myra St. Clair. Spokane, Washington, USA
- Rob Stacey. Spokane, Washington, USA


There is virtually no financial aspect to the work of the Citizen's Investigation into War Crimes in Libya (CIWCL), no request for donations, and no donors to list. Active members are those who have contributed research work directly at a CIWCL-affiliated site, while the rest are concerned citizens simply expressing support for that work. This is a bit like an informal standing petition, affirming that this work should be heard and considered amidst the noise of the information war raging on so many fronts in recent years. These few people at least, notable experts and casual readers alike, were willing to endorse it so far.

While a huge list is not really important, we are accepting more names. Anyone willing can submit their "signature" by e-mail with notes or comments - Anyone listed here can use the same contact to request their entry be removed or edited.

"Signature" format: roughly as above, with: - title and name or initials, or a known screen name - description/credentials (optional) - location (country, the rest optional)