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"Holocaust" Denied
Press release to announce the site's launch and the CIWCL's first major report A Question Mark Over Yarmouk, June 2012
Remembering a Neglected Atrocity
Issued Aug. 21, 2012, a press release to announce the CIWCL's second major report, A Violation of Medical Neutrality.
Human Rights Watch, December 12, 2012

A mid-length letter outlining questions about the Nov. 25 alleged cluster bomb attack on children near Damascus, Syria. 

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, September 25, 2012

A very long letter/document to the OHCHR, about the facts behind the Syrian massacres of Al-Houla and Daraya, gets its own page to breathe:
Greetings. The report I promised earlier is published now. 
A Violation of Medical Neutrality: The Neglected Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital.
PHR is addressed in section 1. 

Press release/overview: http://ciwclibya.org/lettersandpressreleases/rememberinganeglectedatrocity.html

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- Adam Larson, CIWCL cofounder
Greetings. The report I promised earlier is published now. 
A Violation of Medical Neutrality: The Neglected Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital.
PHR is addressed in section 1. 

Press release/overview: http://ciwclibya.org/lettersandpressreleases/rememberinganeglectedatrocity.html

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- Adam Larson, CIWCL

August 22, Physicians for Human Rights

Greetings. The report I promised earlier is published now. 

A Violation of Medical Neutrality: The Neglected Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital.

PHR is addressed in section 1. 

Press release/overview: http://ciwclibya.org/lettersandpressreleases/rememberinganeglectedatrocity.html

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- Adam Larson, CIWCL cofounder

Juy 5, UN Human Rights Commission


07-05-2012 10:03 AM

Please see that this gets placed in the "in box"at the "info desk." 


It regards the recently publicized CoI report on the Syria situation, in particular the "Houla" massacre, and the alleged child survivor of it, as cited in the report. Detailed correlation of his various accounts reveal a parade of red flags that story is not to be trusted.


Any objective analysis of the available sources would reach a similar conclusion. It should be replicated or double-checked by honest professionals. Please see that responsible investigators learn of this and consider the implications as the world seeks answers to the growing crisis in Syria. 


I'm available for any questions or responses anyone might have. 


Best regards,

Adam Larson, 

co-founder of Citizen's Investigation 

into War Crimes in Libya

(no response)
June 28, Physicians for Human Rights

Greetings from Adam Larson, of the Citizen's Investigation into War Crimes in Libya. and please see this gets to the research department, and any other departments concerned with PHR’s credibility and adherence to its stated mission.


I had promised our own report on the "32nd Brigade massacre." With some delay, this is your alert that it is up - 152 pages all inclusive. A nearly-identical second draft is coming, but too slowly to let this message wait any longer. All the information will be the same in both drafts. (but for one small error regarding your witnesses, verbally placing them in Zlitan by accident). Other edits are to fix stray typos, improve a few sentences, and add a few pictures.


The current and adequate PDF can be downloaded from this page:



Also, at the bottom of that page, there is a preview of a report that will also be mentioning PHR's work and lack thereof. Apologies, but I see no responsible way to approach that without some criticism. If PHR has any previous reports regarding the massacre at Abu Salim trauma hospital, or anything to say on the subject now, the CIWCL would very much like to see them.Our present understanding is already explained in a blog post you might be interested in:



If anyone at PHR has any questions, complaints, or other feedback, they can feel free to contact me anytime:


(no response)

June 4, Physicians for Human Rights

Possibly falls under "Asylum program"


Please be aware, on the off-chance PHR isn't yet, that its friend Dr. Salem Al-Farjani is in serious trouble. He also has serious injuries and fears for his life after the unexplained arrest of May 17.



(adviser on 32nd brigade massacre report)

There are people working to secure his safety, and it's not clear that PHR's help is required. I just wanted to be sure they are aware and pulling any special strings they have to keep him safe. His work is very important to understanding the truth in Libya.


Video about Al-Farjani I posted four days prior to his arrest:





And also, is Bashir Al-Sadeq here the same as PHR's witness Omar? We know the answer, just wanted PHR to also be aware of that bit of trickery they were victims of.

(fuller explanation: http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.com/2012/02/shed-massacre-witnesses-mohammed-bashir.html) His current status might be wise to check on as well. We have no such abilities.



Adam Larson

Chief executive person,

Citizen’s Investigation into War Crimes in Libya

(automated response, nothing further -ditto for all other messages to PHR)

Libya massacre, additional info and open questions



Tuesday, March 13, 2012 3:12 PM


To the esteemed High Commissioner Pillay, President Lasserre, and/or whoever reads e-mails for them;


My name is Adam Larson, the chief executive person at the newly-formed Citizen's Investigation intoWar Crimes in Libya. 


I have skimmed your recent report on abuses by both sides in the Libyan war and the period since, and see value and,detail but, as usual, some areas will require more scrutiny (that's usually not forthcoming) to reach the truth. In particular, I am in a position to challenge the overall findings regarding the Yarmouk shed massacre, explored on pages 67-71. Being an unedited version, the report could stand some revisions there before being finalized.


The measurements of the shed, the space the prisoners were confined to, is given as nine by twenty meters. I thought the space looked more square than that, so I measured this against the satellite imagery in Google maps. Nine meters is good, 20 includes the whole shed and the 4-meter-wide covered space between it and the guard house. The true space they were in together, could see each other and count each other inside of, is only 3/4 of the shed, minus another 4 meter side-chamber (which contained at least two charred bodies). Therefore, at about 9x12 meters, the main prison space would have been nearly twice as crowded as you had previously calculated.


Further, the physical clues you cite as supportive of the narrow conclusion drawn simply are not. Dead bodies are not in doubt. What is in doubt is who they were when alive and who killed them. We know what the witnesses say, but the un-burnt bodies seen around the shed were primarily black men, some with military uniforms nearby (they were apparently caught sleeping). There are also compelling signs the rebels conquered the base on August 23, the day of the massacre. Therefore, the commission's findings of shell casings, bone fragments and maggots does not clarify the truth. Loyalist troops, suspected mercenaries, rebel fighters, and citizens of suspect loyalty all can be shot, have bones and attract maggots when rotting. Further, casings, bullet holes, and even grenade shrapnel can be planted/created after the fact, as supports for a false narrative.



In fact, there's a small case for the opposite here - disrespected dead might be more likely to have parts of their bodies left behind. 


There are valid and potent open questions with this case, outlined in the attached interim summary report, and to be finalized in a bigger forthcoming report. I have been asking people to help stay the executions of captive soldiers who've "confessed" to their role in a massacre I believe was carried out against their own colleagues. These have been named as "Ibrahim Sadeq Khalifa and "Laskhar." It sounds like the commission heard from at least one other captive soldier, Brigadier [028]. He denied the things said about him by the rebels, like that he reported directly to Khamis Gaddafi and so received the kill order he said he knew nothing about. 


I ask the UNHRC and OHCHR to check that this man is still alive and safe. He seems to have "broken script," a very brave thing to do, and I fear the price he might have paid for that. In the report, he's listed as in fact reporting to Khamis, which he denied. He's listed as "in addition" to, separate from, the other guards who "admitted" their factual involvement in the killing, and singled out for questioning why he was being questioned. But there's a chance [028]was the only truthful one among them.


It would be appropriate to forward this message and report to the relevant research staff, but also possibly for Mrs. Pillay, Ms. Laserre, and others of decision-making authority to review at their own levels. 


Sincerely yours,

Adam J. Larson,

Spokane, USA

Citizen's Investigation into War Crimes in Libya.

ICC, Office of the Prosecutor, March 5, 2012 
I have information on a crime that it's said "merits investigation" by the ICC. This is the Yarmouk or 32nd Brigade massacre of August 23, south of Tripoli, Libya. Yarmouk military base, Khamis Brigade, warehouse, grenades, burning, etc. The original 150 death toll now reported as 106 with 51 survivors, as told to the UN Human Rights Commission. See, if you haven't, their new, advance report:  
Attached is an interim report, summary of findings, of a new organization, the Citizen's Investigation into War Crimes in Libya. A final report, much large and more detailed, is forthcoming. I will be sending that as well when it is completed. 

Please see that this message and attached document gets to Mr.Moreno-Ocampo. It concerns him personally that his tour guide for the massacre site, Dr. Salem al-Farjani - recognized in an ITN video with the prosecutor - also gave tours to the world media aback on August 27. That was done under a pseudonym (Dr.Salem Rajab/Rajip/Rajub), claiming to be a local who directly witnessed the Gaddafi loyalist crime. Further, he has been caught apparently coaching alleged witnesses at the site that day. He and his contributions - to this case and all those he oversees on a national level - need to be re-examined. 

The large body of witnesses contradicts itself on key features of the massacre. In particular, please consider the two captive soldiers. On death row in Az Zawiyah and Misrata for the same crime, they have it on two different dates, one with victims burned alive, one with the fire set days later (the latter being the "accepted" version - the UNHRC puts this on August 25, which seems plausible). Concerning recent revelations of widespread torture to elicit information from loyalist prisoners, these claims should be considered suspect even before they start contradicting each other.

Clues of a rebel conquest of the Yarmouk base on August 23, as opposed to the accepted August 26/27, are in the report. But I must also draw attention to a late-discovered fact not included. Journalist Andrew Raven of Reuters was outside the Yarmouk base on August 28. Based on what he was told, apparently, by fighters present that "the base [...] was overrun on Tuesday, the day much of Tripoli fell to a rebel advance.” (see 1:05 in the video linked below)

If that was a simple mix-up of day names, it's one supported by near-smoking-gun clues (in the interim report) that the rebels did hold the place, and had "found" the massacre's leavings (except with a full 140 grenade-damaged bodies) by dawn on the 24th. And the victims, those whose skin we can see, resemble victims of rebel massacre; they're primarily fighting-age black men.
ICC War crimes charges should apply, since Libya, as a part of Africa, is already considered an appropriate area to issue arrest warrants over. But ideally these should be aimed the right way to comport with physical reality, even if that means going against what a few dozen inconsistent witnesses say. This might take some thinking and even re-thinking, so please consider stepping outside the box Dr. al Farjani and the others have handed you.

The truth of this hasn't come out yet, but it will some day. Where will the ICC be relative to that? 

- Sincerely yours,
Adam J. Larson

(this and a message in June were both acknowledged as received, a rare courtesy among those I've contacted)