Major Reports

Murder in the SunMorgue
Murder in the SunMorgue: A Critique of the Sarin Myth and a Cyber-Investigation of the Ghouta Massacre
The epic 2014 report by the late Denis O'Brien, PhD (neuropharmacology), CIWCL(SUB) and ACLOS collaborator - finally available at
Red Flags Across the Red Line
Red Flags Across the Red Line: 138 Alleged Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria, and 159 Question Marks Over Government Blame

Issued: March 3, 2017, covering incidents from Nov. 17, 2012 to Feb. 9, 2017.
The Killing of Syrian Child Hamza Al-Khatib: Five years after the event ... what was the event?
Published May 25, 2016
PDF, 18 pages

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The Battle For The Houla Massacre: The Video Evidence Explained (and the rest re-considered)
Published July 19, 2014
PDF, 61 pages

Building on essay 7 in the 2013 report, a fuller visual explanation of the video evidence for a rebel military victory in the day's fighting, designed for double-checking. Closes with an updated review of "the rest" of the evidence considered in context.

Official Truth, Real Truth, and Impunity for the Syrian Houla Massacre of May, 2012

Seven Essays By: Marinella Correggia, Alfredo Embid, Ronda Hauben, Adam Larson

Published May 15, 2013

79 pages 

ISBN: 978-952-5412-91-8

Who was really responsible for the shocking massacre of 49 young children and 59 other civilians in al-Houla, Syria, one year ago? see what the best evidence says:

A Violation of Medical Neutrality: 
The Ignored Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital

Published August 21, 2012
55 pages

A Question Mark Over Yarmouk: 
Rethinking the Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre
By Adam Larson
Published June 13, 2012
152 pages

This is an exhaustive study and rethinking of what's been called "the most clear-cut war crime" of the whole Libyan civil war. On August 23, 2011, at the Yarmouk army base south of Tripoli, over 100 political prisoners were allegedly killed. ...

Lesser Reports

First report, quite brief, somewhat readable, but extremely incomplete. February 29 2012.
List of those this report has been sent to:
Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court
Physicians for Human Rights
Amnesty International

Connected to: final report, A Question Mark Over Yarmouk, 
Forthcoming Reports

(planned and in draft mode, proabably all of them to be considerably shorter than the Yarmouk report was)
(note to fellow CIWCL members and helpers:
still accepting co-authors, researchers, tips)
Behind the Scenes of an Al Qaeda Massacre: 
Eastern Libya, February 2011
This relates some little-known details of a now-obscure massacre of at least 22 government soldiers in the first days of the Libyan uprising. It happened, apparently, around Dernah in the east, around Feb. 22, and was blamed on the government these men worked for. But video shows the same men were sentenced to death by rebel-looking captors, and some good clues say they were working for Ibrahim Al-Hassadi, Al Qaeda's number one Afghan trained militant in the area. 

The Gaddafi people were apparently right, at least in this one instance. 

Until the report is done, please see the existing work on this subject at this post of the Libyan Civil War blog, to be expanded soon as the research comes together