Murder in the SunMorgue

Murder in the SunMorgue
A Critique of the Sarin Myth and

a Cyber-Investigation 
of the Ghouta Massacre
Denis R. O'Brien, PhD
A Penny Press Online Publication
288 pages
© Copyright 2014, Denis O’Brien

This sprawling and immersive work (288 pages including annexes and index) is now a classic of disinformation studies and remains instructive for any criminal investigator. Denis O'Brien, PhD in neuropharmacology, brought scientific understanding and rigorous skepticism to bear on troubling questions laying just beneath the surface of those endless horror movies coming out of Islamist-occupied Syria. 

In Murder in the SunMorgue, he relates a detailed study of the deaths in Kafr Batna, representing about 100 of the actual deaths in the Ghouta chemical massacre of 21 August, 2013 (as many as 1,429 and even 1,700 were reportedly killed, with a visual minimum of around 350). Children, a few women, and a lot of men and older boys died here, O'Brien argues and carefully shows, from a "rubigenic poison" - likely carbon monoxide - and not the claimed sarin. He relates strong clues that the gas chambers used are right below this morgue, in the basement of what winds up being the tuberculosis hospital in Kafr Batna. 

And perhaps most dramatically, O'Brien illustrates in undenable detail how one man who survived the gassing was executed - with an unclear but bloody injury to the neck - in between photo and video shoots. This was a pivotal discovery that clarified what we could all sense; these people were never meant to live. The foreign-backed "rebels" of East Ghouta simply wanted as many corpses as possible to dump across Obama's "red line." Note how on the cover, the blood of the executed victim forms a red line. That touch was O'Brien's. In dedicating MITSM to the child victims, he quoted Truman Capote: "They shared a doom against which virtue was no defense." His multi-level genius is greatly missed. 
- CIWCL(SUB) co-founder Adam Larson

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The author is grateful to Adam Larson and Charles Wood for reading the manuscript and identifying errors and points that required further consideration.  Mr. Larson’s efforts in raising public awareness of this project are particularly appreciated.  His review of Murder in the SunMorgue can be found here.
In line with this, and in honor of the late Denis O'Brien (who passed away in 2017), Adam has also uploaded Murder in the SunMorgue to the CIWCL site.
MITSM is also available via O'Brien's upload to