Official Truth, Real Truth, and Impunity for the Syrian Houla Massacre of May 2012

Seven Essays By: Marinella Correggia, Alfredo Embid, Ronda Hauben, Adam Larson

Published May 15, 2013

ISBN: 978-952-5412-91-8

(PDF, 79 pages - read or download here)

The CIWCL’s latest report is not about Libya at all (except a bit at the end). Almost one year ago, someone rampaged through homes in Taldou, al-Houla, Syria, killing over 100, including some 49 young children. As the reader may recall, it shocked the world and caused new disgust with the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad.

As usual, both sides in the war blamed each other, and as usual the powerful voices in the West decided early which side they believed. But this powerful report challenges that call. It brings together seven main essays, by four authors in three countries, here updated, edited, and/or translated, and with some new material added.
There's detailed analysis of the alleged witnesses for each version, an Army/Shabiha attack vs. a rebel one. Distortions of the investigative process to favor one set are exposed. And to cap it is a surprisingly detailed analysis of the direct video evidence that all but proves the rebels took over Taldou just before the massacre, just like the Syrian government always said.