Red Flags Across the Red Line
138 Alleged Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria
And 159 Question Marks Over Government Blame

A Report of A Closer Look On Syria / CIWCL(SUB)
By Adam Larson
March 3, 2017

A long, 6-page table lists 138 alleged chemical weapons incidents in Syria, from late 2012 to early 2017, comparing details, and compiling question marks raised over each case. Systematic analysis over time yields 159 "red flags," or signs that the foreign-backed opposition - and not the Syrian government, as presumed by many - is and has been behind these incidents.

- 159 red flags
- 138 Alleged Incidents, from Nov. 17, 2012 to Feb. 9, 2017
-- 109 Attributed to Syrian Gov./allies
-- 27 attributed to opposition forces
-- 2 clearly contested (both sides blame each other)

-- Total Fatalities (range):
- Civilian: 612-1,910 (Most variation is with 8-21-2013 incident)
- Rebels: app. 84
- Gov/allies: app.128-143

(corrections as well as new incidents will be added, at some point, to a revised edition)
- March 24, 2013: There were two rebels killed and I neglected to check that and add them Rebel death toll goes up 2 (now app. 86)
- December 12, 2016, Kallaseh, Aleppo: this didn't happen. It was the Dec. 9 incident misread and listed twice. One less event (137), one less red flag (158)