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Syria: Rebels Caught Executing Survivor of Ghouta Chemical Massacre (2013)
A video by Casutic Logic (CIWCL co-founder Adam Larson)
posted June 1, 2015
Rebels said "Assad" crossed Obama's "red line" by killing hundreds with chemical weapons in the August 21, 2013, Ghouta alleged sarin attack. And they needed desperate help toppling the government in order to save lives, like the hundred they couldn't save. So why, when a rare survivor woke up in their morgue, did the rebels running the morgue cut his throat to finish the job? And what else can be learned about the attack from the clues at this shady "clinic"? (see also The Ghouta Massacre's Sarin Myth, Brightly Lit)

Amnesty by Way of Fakery for Libyan Rebels
A video by Caustic Logic (CIWCL co-founder Adam Larson),
posted to Youtube May 13, 2012.
Warning: Graphic content (at the beginning)
(related content: see A Question Mark Over Yarmouk, reports page
A Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital 
A video by Caustic Logic (CIWCL co-founder Adam Larson), posted to Youtube October 6, 2011.
Warning: Graphic content
Lawless Land - Libya
By Journeyman Pictures, posted April 23, 2012

Libyan Crisis: Events, Causes, and Facts
By R. Breki Goheda, posted by Moussa Ibrahim, June 5, 2011.
Part one:
Part two:
Libya: Bloody Vengeance in Sirte
A video by Human Rights Watch, October, 2012